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Whether you pick up your sod or have it delivered, you’ll always know you are getting the freshest, healthiest sod available. Maximize your chance to have the best lawn in the neighborhood by purchasing direct from Duluth Sod.

We source the freshest, highest quality sod from our supplier out of the Twin Cities. Pick up your order at our location or ask about our affordable delivery options.

We recommend that our customers call our store by 10 a.m. in the morning to reserve their desired amount of sod. Sod is sold on a first come, first serve basis unless previously paid for.

Our pallets of sod contain 90 square yards of sod/810 square feet/60 rolls (2’x6.5’) of sod. Please refer to the order and delivery page for more details.

Pre-Orders are only allowed in full pallets.

Sod should not sit longer then 24 hours once cut, especially on hot days. The sod will burn and be damaged if its not installed as soon as possible after cutting it.

Tips for Sod Pickups

If you are picking up sod at our store, you are responsible for having a vehicle capable of hauling the sod. Full pallets of sod generally weigh between 1,500 lbs.- 2,500 lbs. each but may be heavier depending on moisture and sod type. A full-size pickup truck will usually haul one pallet at a time.

Please advise our forklift operator on how you would like your vehicle to be loaded and inspect your vehicle for proper load placement before leaving the store. You are responsible for your own load and any damages that occur.

You should secure all pallets of sod with tarps, ratchet straps, etc., to keep sod secure and on your vehicle.

If you have a pickup truck with a corrugated, or ribbed, plastic bed liner, we recommend laying down a piece of plywood first to avoid damage.

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Having A hard time finding a sod specialist? Northwoods Sodding is our sister company that leads in residential and commercial landscaping services such as erosion control, planting, seeding, and sodding installation.

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Are you a contractor? We are happy to provide you, the landscape professional, with an increased level of service. We have upgraded our selection, service and staffing to provide you with superior landscape material. We also offer delivery, installation and design services to our landscaping partners.

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