Duluth Sod offers a selection of high-quality wood chips to complete your landscaping projects.

Springtime is the best time to reapply a fresh coat of bark mulch. It’s easier to install new, fresh bark mulch in your landscape beds before the perennials have a chance to emerge. Mulching in your beds suppresses weeds, maintains moisture, protects roots through winter, and adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. But fresh layer of mulch also creates the perfect backdrop to make your plants pop.

There are lots of different options: Goldenrod Shredded Mulch, a brilliant, royal gold on a shredded wood fiber. Mink Shredded Mulch, which is a very rich, dark brown shredded mulch. Red Canyon Shred has a bold, vibrant red color on a shredded wood fiber for a pop of color in your gardens. Then there is our favorite Northern Cedar Mulch–a premium mulch from Northern Minnesota and Canada. The scent is fantastic, and it holds their color longer than other natural mulches.

All it takes is a pitchfork, a wheelbarrow, and a little sweat equity to get your yard ready for the season.

Aggregate materials, such as sand, gravel and decomposed granite can make landscaping visually more appealing, as well as providing a barrier against erosion, better drainage, and a firm foundation where needed. Whether you’re building a volleyball court, a sandbox for your children, or laying a gravel path, our friendly staff can help you choose the right product for your landscaping project.

Duluth Sod sells high-quality topsoil for your garden. Give us a call today to place an order!

Strong plants begin with fertile soil. In addition to a good base soil, most desirable plants thrive in a high-nutrient, well-oxygenated soil with abundant microbial activity and good draining ability. Providing the perfect mix of materials can make the difference between plant success and failure. For that reason, we take pride in offering soil mixes and composts that have been well thought out regarding what they can contribute to the soil and the plant.

Grass seed

We offer commercial seed to our customers that is made specifically for our area. Not all seed mixtures and blends are created equally, so choosing the right seed product for your next project is more important than you think. You can buy from a big box or a national landscape supply company and get a “Sunny” seed mixture. However, those seed mixtures are made to be sold to a wide geographical area. They are not targeted to a local area like our seed is and don’t take into consideration our soils, climate, or harsh winters.

Those buyers are interested in providing you something affordable and in Duluth affordable may as well mean temporary – they’ll grow quickly, maybe even look okay but you’ll likely be disappointed when the snow melts next year and everything turns green but your lawn!

Their mixtures are a shotgun because they don’t necessarily know what they are shooting – we do.  We have seed products designed with varieties proven to perform in our demanding climate in and around Duluth.  Choose right the first time and select from our specifically designed mixtures. Let us be your quality landscape seed provider.

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Having A hard time finding a sod specialist? Northwoods Sodding is our sister company that leads in residential and commercial landscaping services such as erosion control, planting, seeding, and sodding installation.

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