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Duluth Sod and Landscaping has access to an amazing array of trees and shrubs for all kinds of landscapes, yards, and patios. Whether you’re looking for flowering / ornamental trees, evergreen trees, flowering shrubs or ground cover shrubs, our suppliers have the inventory and knowledge to guide your selection. We consider tree hardiness, growing season length requirements, disease susceptibility, and more to present you with options for which trees will thrive in your environment.

Quality products is our top priority! We do not stock trees and shrubs onsite as we want to ensure that you, our customers, are receiving the highest quality, pristine and freshest landscape products on arrival for your projects. When your project is ready for your trees, shrubs, and plants we will order them directly from the nursery to guarantee that your landscaping products will arrive to you in healthy condition, with healthy roots, branches, and leaves.
We can deliver your trees and plants right to your job site or have it ready for pick up at our store.

Duluth Sod's Garden Shed carries all kinds of plants, trees, and shrubs for your landscaping.

Looking to provide some shade for your home or outdoor living space? You may be looking for a shade tree that will provide year-round beauty to your landscape. We have access to an excellent selection of both evergreens and shade trees such as: Maples, Oaks, Norway Pine, Balsam Fir, Willows, and more. Come find the perfect tree and add value to your home or business. The type of shade tree can differ in the canopy density, foliage color, and canopy shape. Shade trees are an excellent way to add fall color to your home or business landscape. Knowing the mature size is a key part in planning your outdoor living space. Consult with Duluth Sod and Landscaping staff today to find the ideal tree for you.

ornamental trees

If you are looking for a small tree to accent your landscape, plant an ornamental tree. These trees can offer many seasons of interest from spring through winter. Whether it is a pop of color from spring blooms or fruit in the winter, these trees can offer you beauty for years to come. Ornamental Trees are stunning and will draw attention to your landscape. Many are flowering and some bear fruit. A great majority of them will stay under 25′ tall which makes them easy to maintain. The gorgeous spring and fall colors and even bark textures will add beauty to your home or business. We can order a wide selection of crabapples, redbuds, ornamental pears, magnolias, Japanese Maples, Japanese Tree Lilac, and more! So, if you need help finding the perfect small tree, visit with Duluth Sod and Landscaping to order your perfect ornamental tree.

Looking to add an apple tree to your back yard? Contact Duluth Sod to order from our wide variety of fruit trees!

Ever want to grow your own fruit? Well now you can! Duluth Sod can order a wide selection of fruit trees including apples, pears, peaches, plums, and cherries. Whether you are looking for the perfect apple for a pie or a delicious pear to sink your teeth into, we can help find the fruit tree to suit your needs

Check out the Garden Center at Duluth Sod to find all kinds of plants, trees, and shrubs for your yard!

Using shrubs in your landscape is a great way to add color, texture, and interest. There are many varieties that thrive in the sun and many meant for the shade. Shrubs can be statement plants or can complement other plants in your landscape. From small to tall, we have access to it all. At Duluth Sod and Landscaping we have access to the perfect shrub to thrive in your landscape, whether you have fun sun or shade. Come meet with our staff to order the perfect shrub for your landscape needs.

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Sod Specialist

Having A hard time finding a sod specialist? Northwoods Sodding is our sister company that leads in residential and commercial landscaping services such as erosion control, planting, seeding, and sodding installation.

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Are you a contractor? We are happy to provide you, the landscape professional, with an increased level of service. We have upgraded our selection, service and staffing to provide you with superior landscape material. We also offer delivery, installation and design services to our landscaping partners.

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